Les Tapies is an intensive summer program for high school students studying drawing, painting, photography and architecture in the South of France. 


program overview

Photography students on an excursion to Aix en Provence

Photography students on an excursion to Aix en Provence

The Les Tapies Arts and Architecture Program is designed for high school students ages 13-18 who have a strong interest in visual arts, design and/or architecture. Students focus on studio areas of drawing + painting, architecture and photography. Les Tapies also provides an outstanding cultural experience that includes a number of day excursions to some of the most vibrant cities in the region, allowing participants to soak up the rich history dating back to the Roman Empire as they walk in the footsteps of artists such as Cezanne and Van Gogh. 



SESSION I: 24 June - 15 July  This session is now fully booked. 


This summer, we will be offering two student sessions. Both sessions contain incredible cultural excursions and in-depth studio experiences. Session I runs slightly longer as a three week program, while Session II runs for two weeks only.  


studio Courses

Courses for both summer sessions include Drawing and Painting, Architecture and Photography but in slightly different configurations. In Session I, students have a choice of studio major and elective. In Session II, all students will major in Drawing and Painting and will have their choice of elective course.  

Session I - Course options

Majors: Drawing + Painting, Architecture, Photography

Electives: Drawing + Painting, Photography, Design + Build, Art History

SESSION II - course options

Majors: Drawing + Painting

Electives: Photography, Design + Build, Art History

An architecture student presenting his designs for a project

An architecture student presenting his designs for a project

Drawing and Painting students working outside in the landscape

Drawing and Painting students working outside in the landscape


Daily Schedule

Schedule is a typical Monday to Friday class day. Saturdays are normally full-day excursions. Sundays are free days for visits to St. Pierreville market, mountain hikes, swimming in the Eyrieux river, and other recreational activities. Schedule is subject to change.

8 - 9 Breakfast
9 - 1 Major Course
1 - 2 Lunch
2 - 3 Free Time, Open Studios
3 - 6 Electives
6 - 7:30 Journals, Open Studios, Free Time
7:30 - 8:30 Dinner
8:30 — 10.30 Presentations, Films, etc.
10.30 — 11.30 Free Time
11.30 Lights Out




This summer, Les Tapies Architecture, Drawing & Painting, Photography, and Art History students will undertake a field study project examining the art, architecture, and archeology of a remote 12th century Romanesque Cistercian Abbey high in the Ardeche Mountains. We’ll explore aesthetic and functional aspects of Cistercian design traditions, stone-carving and construction techniques, and look at what daily life was like in a medieval religious community. After a study of the history of French Romanesque art and architecture, students will visit the abbey to make drawings, paintings, and photographs of the site and will construct a scale model of the abbey as it would have looked in the 12th century.  

Students will study a 12th century Romanesque Abbey this summer