Faculty and Staff Exhibition, Photography Excursion, and students at work around Les Tapies

We've had a busy couple of days at Les Tapies since returning from Wednesday's excursion! Despite returning quite late from Avignon, work has continued as normal and students have been working hard on their major and minor subjects.

On Thursday, students also had the opportunity to view the work of the Les Tapies faculty and staff, who take pride in their status as practitioners.

But first, programme director Fernando Gonzalez, who has restored Les Tapies over the course of decades, introduced an exhibition showcasing the development of the hamlet ever since he began its restoration.

John Smalley also spoke before students entered the exhibition

Students then made their way towards the gallery, where work by the Les Tapies faculty and staff was on show.

Students seemed to appreciate the fact that their instructors were also serious practitioners with equally serious bodies of work.

The next day, students returned to their own work.

Barry Iverson's photography major students took an early morning trip to several sites in the valley, first to a waterfall in St. Sauveur, and then to the river in Les Ollières.

Having photographed the waterfall, students made their way back to the vans for the short ride to Les Ollières where yet more water scenes awaited.

Back at Les Tapies, Drawing & Painting students were also very busy.