Avignon and Faculty Exhibition

This past Wednesday, after two successful days in both their majors and minors, the group arose bright and early to drive to our first excursion to Avignon. There the students had the possibility to either visit the former stronghold of the Popes during the Avignon Papacy, the Palais du Pape, or visit the Petit Palais which has been reconverted into a gallery of medieval art. After visiting either of the exhibitions, the students had free time to grab lunch, shop, and enjoy the medieval streets of Avignon. After free time, we drove back to the hamlet and were greeted by a fabulous gazpacho and quesadilla dinner prepared by Perrin and Jenn.  

After two more productive days, we opened the faculty exhibition in the gallery space and sculpture studio to the students. There, everyone had an opportunity to view the incredible body of work on display before listening to each individual artist talk a bit about the works they selected and their personal background. This presented a fabulous opportunity for the students to gain a greater insight into the different medias and genres they are able to explore whilst here at Les Tapies, whilst also allowing them to learn a little more about the faculty members.

It has now been a full week since the students arrived and already much has been accomplished both in the major and minor groups. With the architects having finished their first 'Charrette', along with drawing & painting and photography students creating top-class pieces, the enthusiasm and work ethic is definitely gearing up as we move into our second week. In the minors, the students continue to explore their subjects with an acute diligence and are making continuous progress on their projects. With so much taking place,  keep a sharp eye on the blog as there is plenty more on the way!