Nocturnal Session and Waterfall Trip


The full moon appeared and declared it was time for a Nocturnal Session. On the terrace outside the studio, the instructors set up spotlights and a modeling platform for a life drawing exercise at night for the Drawing and Painting majors.

At the mention of dramatic lighting and loud music, the Photographers decided this was an event not to miss. Even several Architects decided to show off their drawing or photographing skills given the fun and exciting atmosphere. Amy, the Les Tapies summer intern, became the artists’ muse for the night as they drew with conte chalk and experimented with shutter speeds.

One of our photographers, Carolina, trudged her way up to the infinity nest overlooking the hamlet in complete darkness to capture the scene from above, but soon became distracted by the beautiful night sky, and documented it in an incredible compilation.

As the night grew darker, the students struggled to see even with which color of chalk they drew, but this only added to the intrigue of the session, which ended all too soon.

We are all hoping this will not be the last Nocturnal Session of the program, but only time will tell!



Yesterday, the Photography majors went on a field trip to a nearby waterfall for an exercise on shutter speed. Our Photography instructor, Barry, wanted the students to use a low shutter speed in order to capture the waterfall as a velvety surface; he believes the best way to learn about technical aspects of the camera is by experimenting with different settings and analyzing the results. 

After making the trek through the woods to the waterfall, some of the students braved the current, impressively avoiding falling on the slippery stone surface, to perch themselves on rocks under the waterfall for a better perspective. They also learned how to handle their cameras in the rain, which meant sticking the cameras under their shirts in the worst of the rainfall. On the way back, the girls convinced Barry that a stop for coffee, tea, and cappuccinos was entirely necessary before driving back to the hamlet to develop their waterfall photos.